Ability to queue builds on the same branch


It would be nice to have an option to automatically stop a current build or queue a new build from the same branch so that only one container is used per branch

Circle keeps breaking my deployments because it doesn't prevent concurrent builds on a branch

This was causing us problems recently because it was crippling our servers and at one point the builds just stalled because various tools like apt, npm etc. aren’t meant to be run in parallel.

I really can’t imagine you would ever want to have the deploy step should happen in parallel. Even in its simplest form you’ll have 2 competing rsyncs trying to figure out which files from 2 different builds to put on the server.


This causes deployment issues where a build will fail because the newer one finishes first for whatever reason and then the previous build finishes and goes red because it’s not a fast forward because the second build finished first.


Agreed. My use case is I’m running a long test suite, see it fail a test, run to fix issue and commit, then have to go and cancel build.

A way for it to say ‘ah, a new build started, lets cancel the prior one’ automatically would be very nice.


It’s already implemented, see here: Auto cancel on next build


The solution here doesn’t solve it for a branch that is doing deploys, it’s often crucial that every build runs but they’re queued to run in order and not in parallel.