Ability to override tear-down scripts



Because post-test scripts halt if any one fails.
I need a hook that will call my slack notify script regardless of success of other scripts.


The CircleCI Slack notify app works regardless of build status.

See https://<team>.slack.com/apps/A0F7VRE7N for details
Or search the Slack apps directory for CircleCi


Thank you for your suggestion drazisil, however the basic slack options aren’t enough for me.
I want to be able to set the slack user based on branch as well as customize the build messages.


Ah, ok. Just wondering, is this a custom webhook you created, or is your script getting the notification to Slack another way?

Also, are you looking for a feature like Run commands on success or failure, or would your requirements be implemented differently?


“Run commands on success or failure” is exactly what I need for my slack curl command.