Ability to filter builds list by status


With a long list of builds, it would rock to be able to show only successful/failed/running/pending builds.

My immediate use case is that I have some builds that are failing, and I want to view just those, so that I can fix 'em up. Also would be nice when I’m kicking off lots of builds to view just those that are running or pending a run.

Right now, I have to scroll down the list and visually pick out the success/fail/running icons, which is errorprone

  • Les

Create a command line tool to interact with CircleCI REST API

In the interim, I wrote a script to do this using the API:



Thanks for the suggestion Les, also thanks for making the script its awesome :slight_smile:


Yes, please! A set of filters in the Builds view would be lovely. Filter by ‘status’, ‘commiter’, ‘platform’, ‘build time (a range)’.

I’d also appreciate being able to specify the max count of builds to display. At this moment, it’s ‘max == 30’.


While this is not via the UI, what you ask is possible via: https://github.com/rockymadden/circleci-cli

Assuming you are in your current GitHub/CircleCI project directory, you can then:

circleci builds --filter '.[] | select(.status=="success")'

Want to do that, but only view the build numbers?

circleci builds --filter '.[] | select(.status=="success") | .build_num'

The two fields you want to select on are .status and .lifecycle (and you can combine those via the filter to do any combo). The filter option you pass is simply a jq filter, which is the defacto json processor for the command line: https://stedolan.github.io/jq/ Anything that jq supports, circleci-cli supports.