Ability to Attach Artifacts or Include Link in Build Report Email




First of all, thanks for making CircleCi, its great and makes our life easier. But one thing it lacks is ability to get access artifacts from outside of circleci easily.

What would be ideal is to allow some kind of configuration to include either artifacts (test report and coverage reports at least) OR a link to them including the token, in the email that goes out after every build. This would be great as leads would have the reports easily accessible to them right from the build email they already get. This is a big issue for our clients at least when we try to get them into accepting CircleCi as build and deployment solution.

If its already possible ( i think we can formulate a link, but there is no way I know of how to add it to the email that automatically goes out), please do share a link of how to achieve that as I am unable to find it.



I wonder if you could use the API for this?

There seems to be an endpoint for artefacts, but if that does not work, perhaps the build logs are accessible. If so, I have had some luck in retrieving small files by printing them out in Base64 in the build output and retrieving them after the build is finished.

Coupled with a build HTTP hook, this might work… give it a try?


Thanks halfer for the reply. I have indeed looked at the endpoint already. It does retrieve the artifact but it cannot be made part of the email that is sent out on a build being successful or failing. The aim of this request is to get an easy, standard way of telling CircleCi to attach (or add links to) any artifacts created in that build.

I can of course go to CircleCi console and then download artifacts from there, or hit the end point knowing my token, build number and other project information but our client gets a copy of the email and we don’t want to send out manual emails afterwards with the artifacts or links to access them.

Hope its more clear now what the request is for. If not please dont hesitate to ask any questions.


Erm, can you use the API with your preferred scripting language, and send the email (with attachments) programmatically yourself? Turn off the CircleCI one and make your own automatic one.


Thanks Halfer for the reply and sorry I couldn’t respond yesterday. Yes that just might resolve the issue for us at the moment and I am going to try it out. But it would be nice to have it as a configurable option within notifications as CircleCi already sends out an awesome email with rest of the information.