Ability to add webhooks


I was wondering if there is a way that I can create custom webhooks to push builds to CircleCi for unsupported services.

If that’s not a possibility, is there a place I can locate the secret used for the GitHub webhook?


As in other web VCSs? That won’t be a possibility. We don’t give out the secret used for the GitHub webhook. It’s called secret for a reason, security is key.

If you’re not talking about web VCSs (like GitHub) but rather some other type of service, keep in mind the CircleCI API. This covers most operations that you can do on CircleCI.

There’s also the Notifications API/webhooks available through circle.yml for builds.

Hopefully that helps.


I was talking about other Web VCS, yes. :slight_smile:

I thought the secret might have been a per project item, if it’s global to CircleCi then I completely understand.

Thanks for the answer!


No problem.

What VCS if I may ask? Just want to make sure it’s listed in https://discuss.circleci.com/c/feature-request so that we’re aware that people might want it.


GitLab and BitBucket. Both have open requests and have been liked.

I was just trying to think of ways to use CircleCi for my unsupported projects while I wait. :blush:


I see. Yes both would be pretty awesome. With regards to BitBucket though: Add Support for BitBucket


Did indeed see that and am in Inner Circle. Looking forward to more details on the beta, very excited. :slight_smile:


I have a similar question.
How do add a webhook programmatically?

I would like to build an integration with CircleCI and I would like to receive webhooks about builds (without people changing their yml files).

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