2.0 is great!


I’m loving it! Refugee from Travis here; Circle is awesome. I hopped straight onto 2.0 and it’s been working well for us. In particular, things that I like:

  1. Explicit cache naming, loading, and saving. It’s super intuitive to make a cache for only specific parts of the build; for a Golang project I can save the build environment and compiled .a files for standard-library cross-compilation, without contaminating the cache with project-specific files. It also seems clear how you might use multiple separate caches should the need arise.

  2. Clear separation of infrastructure. Rather than slap-dashing everything together, it’s very nice to grab stuff off the shelf and have ports automatically rigged together. Any apt-get commands are no longer allowed in my CI scripting and I love it.

  3. Segmented steps displaying separately in the UI. We have a Travis build that hovers around 80k lines :rolling_eyes: ; this feature is a lifesaver.

  4. Web UI is significantly faster than a snail. I don’t know what on earth other providers are doing, but the Circle UI has pretty-reasonable web performance. Surprisingly rare!

  5. Local builds that are an (almost) exact representation of the remote. Every project inevitably rigs up some ghetto scripting to try & work around cloud CI providers not having this obvious feature; it’s nice to skip this step.

These may or may not be all new in 2.0, sorry. But I’m having a good time :thumbsup:


Hi @kofalt,

Thank you for writing this detailed feedback.

We are glad you like our 2.0 Platform.

Happy Building :slight_smile:


Another convert from Travis here; I’ve written about my first impressions.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the positive and beautifully worded review @mzabaluev :slight_smile: Much appreciated to motivate us while we continue to improve CircleCI 2.0 - there are a lot of improvements to come.