2.0 for docker image building, node, rails projects



I’ve been working on completing a conversion of a few projects, and I want to give the feedback I have while it is fresh. These are more stream of consciousness, neither good nor bad just observations.

  1. overall impression: awesome. Less magic, more explicit
  2. like docker integration
  3. confusion over how images are assembled/ran against the host image because I came from docker-compose, and you need to link them together explicitly.
  4. inability to ignore branch is a current problem (though I know it will be fixed) seems like a high priority because my dash is red because I’m exiting on the unwanted branches so I don’t waste container time.
  5. runtimes are better and I don’t have docker layer caching
  6. yaml is very verbose, could be tightened up perhaps a bit more. May just be the nature of being more explicit.
  7. we have several applications that use a common engine, concerned about having to sync that across them all (but not a big concern)
  8. docs vs examples are currently pretty out of sync. Can be painful at times.
  9. cache save every time should be an easier option than having to dig and add on epoch.
  10. customizing caching behavior is more obvious/easier now
  11. examples: before going live it would be great to have more full fledged examples such as rails/mysql (not just sqlite)
  12. I initially (from reading the topics) thought I had to install a docker client to spin up selenium/standalone-chrome, though it became obvious to me later that I just needed to add that image to the list
  13. it was not obvious that the first image listed became the host container.
  14. deploy seems to be written as another job currently, not sure if this becomes a different stage later but would like it.
  15. I hate doing this in a command if [ "${CIRCLE_BRANCH}" == "develop" ], though I like the ability to do it if I want something special. I would rather have some kind of matcher/regex as yaml property for common things such as this.
  16. I don’t know if a list of commands continue if one fails or if I need to use && like i would in bash to get out quickly.
  17. You will sell more containers if you provide a rails/cucumber/capybara + selenium hub example. I had to struggle a bit to get this working and almost used BrowserStack or Sauce, but saw no reason I couldn’t use the selenium images for browser testing. I finally got it to work but it was a painful bit of learning and experimenting to get understanding, host, ip/port/networking right.
  18. We use knapsackpro for smarter rspec/cucumber test balancing. Awesome. It makes circleci that much smarter of a solution.


This is excellent and comprehensive feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. I’ll make sure that this gets to the engineering and documentation teams.