2.0 Builds not working



I’ve been trying to migrate the build configuration for one of our apps to CircleCI 2.0. For about 4 hours, I was able to commit to our github repo and see the builds start. I did about 50 builds, and suddenly, the builds just stopped working. Not failing…just not showing up, as if I had never pushed a commit. I did not change our git webhooks. I then pushed a commit to our master branch which still has a version 1.0 circle.yml file and it started immediately. How do I fix this?

CircleCI Local CLI doesn't validate config file's workflows

Same thing for us, branch where I was trying to configure build for circle 2.0 stopped working. It does not respond for new commits, even for new branches with circle 2.0 configuration. Even force push with rebased version is not working.


I was having the same behavior today as well. It seems the Webhooks for everything but master get ignored. The GitHub Webhook POST receives a 200 response code, but the new build doesn’t show up in the CirclCI UI at all.


My problem ended up being with a misconfigured “workflows” section. I had a job that was required but not defined. The “builds” view in the dashboard won’t show any errors, but the workflows view does.


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