Feature Requests

Notifications for Workflows (6)
Manually force a job to be successful (2)
Feature request: Show queued in workflow status (2)
See Only Running Builds (2)
Dynamic 2.0 Configuration (5)
HTML5 Push Notifications for CircleCI status (2)
Support pictures in log output (5)
Add an Elixir 1.6.0-rc1 image for Circle 2.0 (2)
Container Setup Separation (3)
Add SwiftLint to iOS container default software (5)
Use node version from package.json (11)
AWS Access Key & Secret Key Rotation via API? (5)
Extend Approve Workflow step functionality to allow for user input (2)
How to limit concurrent jobs? (3)
Workflows information on dashboard (3)
Workflow - Ability to short circuit a job dependency graph (2)
Add Workflow Filter Support to REST API (2)
Optional approval step (2)
CircleCI API authorization with Github Token (5)
Allow port forwarding to docker containers from docker executor (3)
Display the file size of each artifact (3)
Mark workflow as cancelled if no more builds can progress (2)
"Test Summary" could report number of pending tests for rspec results (2)
Wildcards in path definition for uploading artifacts (2)
Environment variable interpolation throughout .circleci/config.yml (3)
Ability to Attach Artifacts or Include Link in Build Report Email (6)
API build trigger | Add ability to specify commit/test message (3)
First-class support for Rust (4)
Attach Workspace When Rebuilding Job (6)
Run all workflow's builds without interruption (2)