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Manual approval notifications (5)
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Command line support for workflows (11)
Enforce Job Queuing [Run only on one build at a time] (10)
Time-delayed Holds (4)
Running circleci locally should allow to ignore some files (9)
Workflows: Rerun failed jobs before other jobs complete (2)
Filters based on VCS changes (6)
Job Priority in Workflows (9)
Allow bundling several steps, e.g. by supporting nested steps (9)
Run job after dependent jobs, no matter if they fail or succeed (3)
Hideable project level environment variables (2)
Environment File (6)
Start multi-container builds as soon as individual containers become available (3)
Trigger workflow job based on git commit message (4)
Collect Test Metadata from "go test -json" (5)
Optional build steps (11)